Hand Cream Fresh Aloe


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What It Is:
This peachy-keen non-greasy cream is enriched with peach and apricot extracts, vitamin C, and adenosine. The peach extract is great for keeping your hands firm and well moisturized. Apricot extract is good for bringing clarity to your skin and keeping your hands soft. Adenosine is a natural anti-ageing compound that improves elasticity. With a baby pink tint, a delicious peach scent, and a cute peach-shaped container, this hand cream looks and feels irresistible!

Lunes Fresh Aloe Hand Cream Moisturizing Hand Cream will keep your hands soft and moisturized all day. Aloe will soothe and relax the skin while helping maintain moisture.

Skin Type:

How To Use:
Place the hand cream all over your hands.

Net weight: 
3.38oz / 100ml