Sazones 12 Piece Brush Set


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What It Is:
From the unforgettable flavors, smells and sensations of the pots of our grannies and mommies, our new line was born: Sazones. Lose yourself in the memories of their extraordinary dishes, and give to your makeup that missing touch with this set of brushes for eyes and face.

Sazones features twelve brushes for face and eyes that go from the irreplaceable large soft fan to the firm shadow brush and the practical powder brush; all made by extra soft synthetic bristles, with a copper colour handle and the logo of Macaria Beauty in golden letters. Every one of these brushes will evoke those bites perfectly seasoned from the bubbly Mexican cuisine. Besides, and thinking in practicality and time of life, every kit includes a shock-proof packing to keep your brushes safe every time, everywhere. All with an original design made by Macaria Beauty. Give your makeup the flavour that it needs!

Dare to give it a taste!



  • MB01 Large Soft Fan: Apply easily your favourite highlighters into your cheekbones without loose pigment.
  • MB02 Pointed Powder Brush: Ideal for applying powder products, like blushes, bronzers and highlighter.
  • MB03 Powder brush: For perfect coverage, this fluffy brush will allow you to set your foundation all over the face with loose powder. You can use it for baking techniques.
  • MB04 Kabuki brush or flat: Apply your favourite products in cream and liquid, just as foundations or concealers.
  • MB05     Blending brush: Perfect for applying any kind of eyeshadow directly into your eyelids.
  • MB06 Mini concealer brush: To create a delicate cut-crease or apply the concealer in specific areas.
  • MB07 Precision pointed brush: Do you want some deep in those eyes? With this brush you will be able to pack pigments into the outer v. Due to the pointed shade you can add light to the inner corner.
  • MB08 Mini blending brush: Blend and smoke your eyeshadows with this fluffy brush.
  • MB09 Angled Brush: Get perfect eyebrows with this angled brush with their compacted bristles.
  • MB10 Big concealer brush: To apply creamy or liquids products like concealers all over your dark eyes or any kind of imperfections.
  • MB11 Flat concealer brush: This straight brush is amazing to clean and sculpt your eyebrows or any edge that you want to perfect.
  • MB12 Lip brush: Apply your favourite liquid lipsticks without contaminating them.

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